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    My family were Christians long before I became one, so I knew what was expected by association.

    When my health and personal circumstances were at their lowest, I reached out to Jesus. After nearly ten years of kidding myself that my prayers were answered, I can definitely say there is nobody there. No father, no son, no holy ghost; just a group of people earnestly supporting a shared delusion.

    Some people need the delusion to carry on, like a donkey with a carrot-on-a-stick dangling in front. There are people who make a living supporting the delusion. Others prey on the believers for money, sex, volunteer slave labour or rent-a-mobs to gain political clout.

    Members of my own family have been raped and robbed by Christian ministers who were not punished by their churches. Of course, we forgave. It’s always “Good stuff is God’s, bad stuff is of the Devil”.

    No, it’s all just people and circumstances: there is no need to personalise it, any more than we give a name to the wind, rain or gravity. God is the childish excuse when the cookie jar is empty or the good china is broken.

    Everything is more simply explained without a god or Jesus. There’s a reason for that: “The simplest explanation is more likely to be true”.

    MB, Queensland