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  • Postcards to say something – 019: Jesus thinks you’re a jerk.

    From a certain political aspirant (with emphasis on the ass and the rant) came this delightful piece of hate mail, spread below like a puddle of (sic):

    “Is it a reflection on your own in ability to gain publicity that u had to hijack jesusallaboutlife web site? Pretty pathetic effort! And why do u only attack Christians? Where are ur web sites attacking Islam, buddism Hindu etc. I guess Christians r just a soft target! U wouldn’t want to offend anyone who might fight back eh! PS it wasn’t me who disabled ur web site, but more power to whoever it was. Not because I disagree with free speech, but because u hijacked th domain name. Did u do that to try to stiffle th Christians right to free speach? Surely not!”

    Dear boy:

    1. English lessons. Get some in.

    2. Hijack? We own this site, and there is no attempt to pass it off as anything but the commentary and satirical site it is. Legal, we are! We have owned this site from inception.

    3. If you’d like to observe me and my playmates giving the other silly superstitions a rousing send-off, I suspect one of your carers can direct you to the Atheist Foundation. This is, after all, Jesus – All About Lies, not Krishna – All About Being A Blue Dude Who Likes Cows.

    4. Christians are not a soft target. You have undue influence, and the fact that some of you cannot pull 2% in a Federal poll may be due to your personal shortcomings. Who’s the cheeky little deity who gets prayers said before Parliament? All I’m saying is the privilege you enjoy is certainly not due to merit.

    5. It was not this web site which was disabled. Anyway, what I read from your message, is that a potential Federal politician tacitly supports cyberterrorism. I shall remember this, and don’t be surprised if you wind up with a Federal Police dossier.

    6. If you were not so egregiously stupid, and were not under the false impression that a domain name was hijacked, you would realise that nobody’s right to free speech is being stifled. We have had some interesting dialogues with christians here. (And occasional comic monologues from clowns like you, but that’s hardly the point.)

    7. Go and look through the gospels and find the bit about Peter, the sword, and Malchus’s ear. What does this say to you, as a believer, regarding any christian who goes intending to do damage or harm on behalf of his god?

    8. AFA and the Convention site were certainly targetted, but nobody’s claiming responsibility. What if this was just somebody’s test run, a sort of “Look, I can do it” before mounting an extortion attack on, say, the Anglicans, Catholics or another wealthy christian organisation? Does this change your opinion of the perpetrators?

    Here’s a postcard just for you, in recognition of your sterling effort. Please write again, and this time we expect better than a regurgitation of that farrago of fallacies you copied from the newspaper, and added a hasty “so there!” before posting.


  • The Race is On! JAAL vs Maccas, DING! DING!

    Bible Society CEO Daniel Willis says we live in a community where the McDonalds golden arches are more prominent than the cross.

    Well, it’s on, who’s gonna win? Maccas or Jesus? Each has a great marketing strategy, heaps of money to invest, and aim to bombard people with their message.

    “All participating churches will fly the ‘Jesus. All about life’ banner, so the people of Sydney will be bombarded, prompting serious thought.
    “It’s building a climate of awareness in which the message of the gospel will be more readily accepted. ‘Jesus. All about life’ is sowing a seed.”

    Bombarded? What like bombings like here? or oklahoma?

    Is anyone going to inform ? It’s not like Christianity can lead to fundamentalism like shootings and complicity in military suppression or race hate or radicalism can it? Or threatening anthrax? Or actions that kill like here and here and here and terrorist outfits like here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and these folk or these folk and also here and of course here and these folk that are ready for violent action and people  that think killing doctors is still ok?

    It’s these same concepts that the Jesus All About Life campaign are propagating as irrefutable fact, that create extremists that get people KILLED.

    Daniel says Jesus did not come to start an institution or an organization. He came so that all people could have a relationship with God.
    “Our community is under the mistaken impression that the church is about oppressing and restricting our lives. This is not the message or purpose of Jesus.

    Of COURSE the church is oppressing and restricting our lives, I mean, if we don’t follow Jesus or a god, we are condemned to burn in the fires of hell aren’t we for a start? Plus they actively ‘bombard’ us with this idea constantly, and we are told if we say ‘bunkem’, we are being ‘intolerant’? Our society panders to people under these delusions. The oppression and restrictions in our life are a direct result of religious intolerance, from the RELIGIOUS.

    Will it be Maccas? Will it be Jesus? Or will another contender raise their head? stay tuned …

    UPDATE!  Looks like they are trodding a similar path? This just in from one of our readers:

    McDonalds and Jesus who will win?

    McDonalds and Jesus who will win?

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