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    It’s all been said a lot of times, but apparently some skulls are too thick and need Applied Percussive Maintenance™.

    Whether or not your list of uncleans, abominations and what have we applies to the modern christian or not, there is no call from any word of Jesus in your bible that any law or rule for believers should in any way be applied to unbelievers.

    Does this make you look suspiciously at the motives of those who want to get into government and enforce universal compliance with “christian” rules? If I still believed in a Jesus who was other than a being of fable, I’d see him knotting up the ol’ Pharisee Whacker 5000™ for another round.

    Still, carry on, lads! If you manage to make the whole world act godly, there won’t be any need for a god anyhow…

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    When the apologists and polemicists have had their say, waggled their texts and retired to sharpen their pointing fingers, the whole god business comes down to a matter of faith. There is much encouragement in christian culture to keep meeting and talking together, and mutually reinforcing that faith.

    But what is being reinforced?   The biblical Jesus and early christian church, for example, did not believe in doing anything about the government of the day, apart from obeying it. The moral standards they chose for themselves were simple: avoiding sexual immorality and not eating meat offered to idols. What is more, these standards were for the believers themselves, and there was no call to enforce compliance among the unbelievers.

    There are so many add-ons in the churches of today which are merely constructs of political and social engineering. It takes a lot of bible-twisting to justify them. Ironically, the church hierarchies (unbiblical in themselves) have managed to bury Jesus in a pile of new material, and it says a lot against his divinity that he has so far been unable to dig himself out.

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  • Griffith chemist Trevor Dal Broi and catholic dogma that restricts choice

    Trevor Dal Brois boss

    Trevor Dal Broi's boss and moral compass

    Trevor Dal Broi a chemist in Griffith, has stopped stocking condoms and is telling women that are using oral contraceptive pills for birth control to take their scripts elsewhere. He is also banning the sale of emergency contraception morning-after pills from his shop.

    Chemists have a social responsibility with the priviledge they hold to be the gateway to legal drugs and the right of women to have control over their bodies, and choice. The morning after pills are available legally without prescription, but Trevor has removed himself as a gateway to accessing these drugs. They are not there to put their judgement on the women that come to them and restrict those womens choice over what they do with their own body.

    Unplanned pregnancies and rates of sexually transmitted infections would be so much higher without access to condoms and contraceptives in our communities.

    In A Strange Land gives some very relevant information in regard how chemists in Australia are partially government funded via pricing and subsidy rules for medicines, and thus should have a social responsibility to the people they serve. Indeed the businesses are protected as there are strict rules about where new chemists can be located. (Community Pharmacy Agreement PDF – go to p. 22).

    25.1. The objectives of the Location Rules are to ensure:
    a. all Australians have access to PBS* medicines;
    b. a commercially viable and sustainable network of community pharmacies dispensing PBS medicines;
    c. improved efficiency through increased competition between pharmacies;
    d. improved flexibility to respond to the community need for pharmacy services;
    e. increased local access to community pharmacies for persons in rural and remote regions of Australia; and
    f. continued development of an effective, efficient and well-distributed community pharmacy network in Australia.

    * Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

    In A Strange Land rightly points out that this man is ‘getting in the middle of the relationship between doctor and patient’.

    It’s ironic that these are the same people that crow about how their god gives choice, and are the same ones that attempt to take that away from others, specifically women. It’s lack of empathy that comes from the teaching of their scripture as truth and the standard for morals in the catholic patriarchal system. These people honestly think they are doing the right thing taking away others ability to freely choose what they do with their own body.

    This man has a position of trust, he has a position that has been given him by the community and in doing so should not be able to abuse that privilege in restricting others choices by pushing his personal religious attitude onto the women that come to him. By all means he doesn’t have to wear a condom, but if he doesn’t want to be a trusted gateway to drugs, he should not be a chemist, and apply for that position of trust in the Australian community.

    Shame Trevor Dal Broi, for removing the choice that you claim your ‘higher being’ gave to people, for playing god, for passing your judgment onto these women from your position of power that you claimed from the community and received in good will, injecting your religion upon others.

  • Postcards to say something: 013a – Exhilarating Mountain Air


    Danny Nutjob Nalliah is ready to go “Ooga-booga-pappa-oom-mow-mow!” atop a Canberra scenic lookout, to keep the invisible bogeymen from eating our crops, stealing our shoes and souring the milk.

    This has caused some amusement in certain journalistic circles.

    There is no proof that the “sacrifice” was blood in the first place (and eyewitnesses to the suspect stain have said it looked more like nasty cask red spilled by a nocturnal sightseer).

    Let us not forget that one of the maddies, wending his way up the hill with figurative pitchfork and pine-tar torch aloft, will be Senator-for-now Fielding. Note to all readers, even our more rational believer friends: Fielding and his like must not be allowed to happen again.

    A bounty of five papal indulgences is offered for each demon-scalp presented to the editorial desk at Black Tower (or leave scalps, individually wrapped, at reception in Legion HQ, Sydney, but be sure to ask for a receipt).

    Disclaimer: The bounty for demon-scalps is subsidised by a grant from Catch The Liar Ministries.

  • Postcards to say something: 013 – The Mammonary Glands


    Giving the theologians a rest, and letting the economists loose for a moment. The Purple Economy would be a good jumping-in point.

    Money for anybody’s good works may be justified, but tax exemptions, subsidies and other breaks, for the purpose of spreading the brain-virus further? It’s so patently dishonest, the first thing that one sees is generally apologists yawping about the “good works”.

    Would churches be prepared to let all charities be subject to the same rules for funding and taxation, and “charities” to be defined in a way that didn’t include proselytising?

    Would the carpetbagging Hinn-jet and the Houston family property portfolio, for example, suffer under such arrangements?

    What of the property portfolios of some of the more “traditional” churches, asset-rich with dwindling, ageing congregations?

    How much would actual charities like the Bob McGuire Foundation be able to disburse if there was a tie between funding and works?

    Well, let your mind boggle… nobody’s lifting the veil of secrecy from that one while there’s a buck to be salted away or diverted to propaganda purposes.

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  • The Rise of Atheism – Global Atheist Convention, Melbourne March 12-14th 2010

    Sending a strong message that atheism is gaining momentum as a political issue in Australia, thousands of non-believers will gather in Melbourne next March for a major international convention:  The Rise of Atheism.  The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has been booked for the event which is set to become the largest gathering of non-theists in Australia’s history.

    President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA), David Nicholls, says that inquiries about the convention have exceeded all expectations and interest continues to grow as organisers confirm some of the leading names of the ‘New Atheism’ movement as speakers.

    Leading the lineup is author of The God Delusion, British evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, along with American biologist, Professor P. Z. Myers, host of the world’s top-ranked science blog, Pharyngula.  Also confirmed is Dan Barker, a former evangelical pastor.  Barker, author of Losing Faith in Faith, now heads America’s Freedom from Religion Foundation and hosts America’s first atheist radio program, Freethought Radio on Air America.

    Australian speakers include; philosopher and professor of bioethics, Peter Singer, broadcaster Phillip Adams, and Age columnist, Catherine Deveny.  More information on the convention is available at:

    The enormous contemporary interest in atheism as a social and political movement has been fueled by global religious conflicts and the increasing politicisation and influence of the ‘religious right’. A number of best-selling books on the subject, including Dawkins’ The God Delusion, Sam Harris’ The End of Faith, and Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great:  How Religion Poisons Everything,  have inspired thousands to join non-theist organisations and online atheist communities.

    AFA president, David Nicholls says, “Non-religious Australians are fed-up with an unrepresentative Christian minority influencing important civil rights issues like abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research and gay marriage – all issues which the majority of Australians support.  They’re also concerned about the amount of tax-payers’ money being pumped into religious schools at the expense of the public education system.”

    “People contact us at the Atheist Foundation every day, saying, ‘What can we do to stop this?'” says Nicholls.

    Surveys show that only 7.5% of Australians attend church regularly. While the official Census figures show Australia’s ‘non-religious’ make up 20% of the population, several major international studies reveal that this figure is vastly underestimated.  Nicholls estimates that non-believers in Australia are probably closer to 50%.

    The Rise of Atheism Convention will bring together atheists from around the country, and across the world.  “Make no mistake,” says Nicholls, “this is not just going to be a talk-fest.  The incredible level of interest should be a huge wake-up call to politicians and Christian lobbyists, alike, that non-religious Australians are preparing to stand-up and be counted.  Atheism is on the rise, and the non-religious will no longer sit quietly on the sidelines while good policies are derailed by religious dogma and prejudice.”

    Relevant Statistics

    Nationally, only 7.5% of Australians attend a place of worship weekly. Source: Zuckerman, Phil (2005), Atheism: Contemporary Rates and Patterns, Cambridge University Press

    A survey by Germany’s Religion Monitor (2008) found that 31% of Australians do not believe in God, a divine power or life after death, while a further 26% were uncertain to varying degrees.  Source: Religion Monitor (2008), ‘Australia: High level of religious identity paired with low level of Belief’, Bertelsmann Stiftung Foundation, Sydney/Gütersloh (Germany)


    David Nicholls


    Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc

    Private Mail Bag 6

    Maitland SA 5573


    Phone:  (08) 8835-2269

    International: +61 8 8835-2269





  • The church as slave labour exploiter

    From the blog of Paul Neville, QLD National Party Member For Hinkler, 22 JUL 2007:

    The latest Work for the Dole project to finish in Bundaberg has produced winning results for participants – 12 have left to undertake full-time work, 38 have left to take up part-time work and 7 have gone on to further study.

    Local Federal Member Paul Neville was thrilled with the outcome, and will congratulate participants at today’s graduation ceremony for the WFTD activity ‘A Real Edge’.

    “Apart from helping all those people find some paid employment, the activity has also produced results for the Bundaberg community,” Mr Neville said.

    “Participants chose from a wide variety of positions, including administration, furniture restoration, construction, retail, IT, childcare, warehouse and truck offsider, animal care, tourist information and recycling,” he said.

    “From that, a whole range of projects were completed, such as the refurbishment of the Church Manse at the Christian Outreach Centre, the replacement of greenhouse shade cloth and rebuilding of soil boxes at the Burnett Council Depot, and the replacement of stable roofing at Bundaberg Show Grounds as well as improved services for many other community organisations.”

    — Yep, right: fixing up a minister’s residence for a church!

    Have a look in Google Maps at the place. It ain’t a tiny property.