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    An old friend, Anonymous Trad, sent me this. Like the lovely folk songs Mr Trad has been providing for a number of years now, the origin of this picture is shrouded in mystery.

    Thank youIKEA1024

    As you look, observe the layers of meaning: an artist’s work is stolen and made into an image by people working to make an image, and somebody has come along and added yet another layer of meaning to the image.

    And as for the big chairs? Takes a lot of chutzpah.

  • Religion wants to maintain a monopoly on ethics in Australia

    Religious groups have traditionally found their power in maintaining that only through belief, and usually THEIR belief, are morals maintained.

    The State Government’s religious education advisory panel is going to fight a pilot program that offers ethics classes to primary school students who have opted out of scripture classes.

    We know whats best for your children

    We know whats best for your children

    They are fighting against critical thinking. It’s dangerous to religion as they want people to believe that only their particular god defines what is moral. Bigots.

    Are they saying, that without their belief in their god, they would run around raping and pillaging, murdering and abusing? How interesting. Morals and ethics can completely be explained with science, and are not the total domain of religion. Evolutionary biology and sociobiology. I find it degrading that religion passes this basic fundamental humanistic quality off to their god. Recently, the concepts of ethical evolution has become a major area of study in scientific circles, due to the overwhelming observable evidence.




    The only controversy over it comes from the religious. But then again, it happens to everything that does not fit their world view.

    Our morals came about from the fact we are a social animal, we have highly advanced social morals that are very well explained by science.

    Indeed Darwin brought it up in Descent Of Man, it’s nothing new :

    “any animal whatever, endowed with well-marked social instincts, the parental and filial affections being here included, would inevitably acquire a moral sense or conscience, as soon as its intellectual powers had become as well, or nearly as well developed, as in man.” (ch. 4)

    Blatant assumptions of the total nature of everything being attributed to a god is degrading to the sheer enormity and brilliance of life. Always the ‘magic man’ did it for them.

  • The Theory of Evolution – What a scientific theory actually means

    I have had to deal with so many christians lately with the standard reply that ‘evolution is just a theory’, and that there is another theory, that of ‘Intelligent Design’.

    I thought I would break down what a scientific theory actually means to try and make it as small a possible explanation, for those christians hard of hearing, and are totally ignoring what ‘theory’ means in science.

    The ‘Theory of Evolution’ is different to the ‘Fact of Evolution’. Evolution is a fact, however in science, theory means something, it does not mean the whole concept is still in dispute, evolution is fact, it is talking about the mechanism. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts. Facts do not go away when scientists debate rival theories to explain them.

    Kill the Evolutionist!

    Commonly ‘fact’ is used to refer to the observable changes in organisms’ traits over generations, evolution is PROVEN FACT. It occurs.

    The word ‘theory’ is reserved for the mechanisms that cause these changes, that part is the Theory of Evolution.

    Now to understand what theory means in science. In science, a current theory is a theory that has no equally acceptable or more acceptable alternative theory, and has survived attempts at falsification. That is, there have been no observations made which contradict it to this point and, indeed, every observation ever made either supports the current theory or at least does not falsify it by contradicting it completely. A revision of the current theory, or the generation of a new theory is necessary if new observations contradict the current theory, as the current findings are in need of a new explanation. However, the falsification of a theory does not falsify the facts on which the theory is based.

    Evolution is FACT, the Theory of Evolution is the accepted idea of Darwin’s, as well as 2 others built up since the discovery of DNA by various scientists, over WHY evolution is fact. Darwin just started a whole CHAIN of ideas since his initial discovery, that build the Theory of Evolution.

    The three main mechanisms that produce evolution in the theory, are natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flow. Natural selection favors genes that improve capacity for survival and reproduction. Genetic drift is random change in the frequency of alleles, caused by the random sampling of a generation’s genes during reproduction. Gene flow is the transfer of genes within and between populations.


    How is Intelligent Design a fact? What is the theory, that has no contradictions, that explains it?

    Intelligent Design is not a fact, it is not a theory. It’s a BELIEF.

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