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  • 1,000 tickets sold for the Global Atheist Convention!

    1,000 tickets have been sold for the Global Atheist Convention in the first three weeks after its official launch.

    David Nicholls, President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia said “we’re thrilled with the public response and very excited about the Global Atheist Convention. We expected a great level of interest, which is why we booked the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    There are still plenty of tickets left, but we’re well on the way to the Global Atheist Convention being one of the largest atheist events ever, anywhere!

    Thank you everyone who has bought a ticket – it’s going to be BIG!”

    Temporary Ticket Sale Site during technical inconvenience: Here.

  • Where is the funding for the Atheist Convention Melbourne 2010?

    Appears we are not the only ones that see vast discrepancies in the rights of Australians between those of belief and those that don’t. It appears the government is lagging with responding to atheist requests in regard being treated the same as religious people when it comes to support. Atheists are tax payers (not like religion) and deserve to be at least responded to in their request over funding

    Hats off folks for pointing this out to us, we also call on the government to respond to this blatant distinction between Australians promptly, it’s time religion did not have rights above and beyond anyone else doing the same thing.

    Atheists, non-believers,  unite!

    The Global Atheist Convention 2010 in Melbourne, Australia is expected to be the largest gathering of atheists, rationalists, humanists, sceptics, free thinkers and other like-minded people in Australian history.

    The Atheist Foundation of Australia is running the Convention and applied for government funding months ago – but has not yet received a response. This delay seems excessive and the government appears to be trying to dodge the issue of supporting non-believers, perhaps worried about upsetting the religious organisations they have a mutually beneficial relationship with. In Australia exemptions or concessions apply to religious organisations in relation to income tax, fringe benefits tax, GST, payroll tax, land tax, stamp duties, car registration fees and municipal rates. And let’s not forget the recent Victorian government decision to exempt religious organisations from a range of anti-discrimination laws…another example of one rule for the religious, another for everyone else. This is blatant discrimination.

    To run an event the size of the Global Atheist Convention must cost a lot of money, even though all the speakers have generously donated their time, and the Convention is relying on ticket sales for funding. Consider the millions of government dollars that will help fund the Parliament of World Religions and the $120m the World Youth Day cost Australian tax payers (and let’s not even start on the civil liberty restrictions associated with World Youth Day…) – it’s time the atheists received some of the same support.

    It’s time our “representatives” actually represented us and supported the Global Atheist Convention.

    We are Australian atheists and it’s time the government heard us.

    Please help us by spreading the word – raise this issue on blogs, in conversation and anywhere else the politicians might hear you.

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  • Ticket Sales Surge for Global Atheist Convention

    Register for the Atheist Convention Melbourne 12-14 March 2010As word spreads of the Global Atheist Convention to be held in Melbourne next March, organisers have been flooded with inquiries and premium tickets have already sold out.

    David Nicholls, president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, and head of the convention committee, says, “The buzz surrounding the convention is amazing! The news is spreading like wildfire across the internet, and it’s being mentioned in blogs from the USA to India. We’re getting enquiries from across the world.”

    Nicholls attributes the excitement to the quality of speakers and the breadth of subject matter to be discussed at the convention. Speakers include world-renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers; philosophers Peter Singer and AC Grayling; broadcasters Phillip Adams and Robyn Williams; politician Lyn Allison; authors Tanya Levin and Russell Blackford; and human rights activist Taslima Nasrin.

    While the Gold Weekend Passes have sold out, Nicholls says there are still plenty of seats available. “We anticipated that the convention would generate a lot of interest – that’s why we chose the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for our venue.”

    Tickets are on sale at The Rise of Atheism Global Atheist Convention website at .


    David Nicholls


    Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
    Private Mail Bag 6
    Maitland SA 5573

    Australia – (08) 8835-2269
    International – +61 8 8835-2269


    Convention Website

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