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  • Girl suspended from Catholic school for raising money for cancer research

    Her father is dying of leukemia and has months to live, so Emily Pridham, 15 decided she would deal with this by being active and raising money via shaving her hair short.

    Her fellow students were really supportive she said, but the Catholic school, Mount Alvernia College has suspended her for breaching uniform code.

    How absolutely ridiculous is that? What kind of moral views allow this to happen?

    Her mum backs her 100%, and so do we. This is an important thing for her, a coping mechanism and she has been left high and dry by the school community which forms her growing years. This is just a tragedy for her, something she will never forget.

    You can contact the school here, and ask them yourself as to what is going on with this :

    Mt Alvernia College
    82 Cremorne Rd
    Kedron   4031

    Phone: (07) 3357 6000
    Fax:    (07) 3857 2231

    What’s up with catholics recently? (well .. recently is not really the right word …)

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    Giving the theologians a rest, and letting the economists loose for a moment. The Purple Economy would be a good jumping-in point.

    Money for anybody’s good works may be justified, but tax exemptions, subsidies and other breaks, for the purpose of spreading the brain-virus further? It’s so patently dishonest, the first thing that one sees is generally apologists yawping about the “good works”.

    Would churches be prepared to let all charities be subject to the same rules for funding and taxation, and “charities” to be defined in a way that didn’t include proselytising?

    Would the carpetbagging Hinn-jet and the Houston family property portfolio, for example, suffer under such arrangements?

    What of the property portfolios of some of the more “traditional” churches, asset-rich with dwindling, ageing congregations?

    How much would actual charities like the Bob McGuire Foundation be able to disburse if there was a tie between funding and works?

    Well, let your mind boggle… nobody’s lifting the veil of secrecy from that one while there’s a buck to be salted away or diverted to propaganda purposes.

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