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    An old friend, Anonymous Trad, sent me this. Like the lovely folk songs Mr Trad has been providing for a number of years now, the origin of this picture is shrouded in mystery.

    Thank youIKEA1024

    As you look, observe the layers of meaning: an artist’s work is stolen and made into an image by people working to make an image, and somebody has come along and added yet another layer of meaning to the image.

    And as for the big chairs? Takes a lot of chutzpah.

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    When I had a Jesus, he was looking out for the little guy, standing up against mercenary, heartless authoritarians.

    Other people have a stern Jesus with a stick, making everybody do his bidding or else. Rich Jesus and Pharisee Jesus seem to be the Malibu Barbie of accessorised deities.

    Part of the fun is that you can dress up Jesus just like your fantasies!

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    Real estate, motorcycles, flash cars, Lear jets: use of the church’s this or that (even the this or that which was especially purchased for your use). The anointing greases the palm.

    God wants you to have more money. (Actually, Bob McGuire can keep the poor people as long as the archbishop gets the Money!)

    It’s a great lurk. The blokes in Acts, who used to serve in distributing to the needy, have been replaced by those who are ready to see their own wants as “needs”, and see to them pretty swiftly.

    Government slaves to work on your house? No problem!

    And if you’re the shepherd, who gets to say how you spend the wool-cheque, or tell you off for taking a ewe or little lamb to keep you warm at night?

    No wonder the campaign points away from the churches, while trying to get people to connect with those churches. You’d be mad to point out the truth.

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    Jesus All About Life 15% off!

    Yep, Jesus All about Life has got something for you the consumer!! Roll up roll up! buy your salvation here! We sell it cheap!

    The commercialisation of religion just permeates the whole business that is jesus.
    Whoa, and guess what! They are able to peddle their ‘facts’ STATE TAX EXEMPT