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  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    There. Some of you thought I couldn’t spell it. But I have it.

    In particular, big props to Bob McGuire.  Bob is so christlike, the establishment (as personified by one Archbishop, ironically surnamed “Hart”) apparently want him gone.

    Now, there is no “caritas” in the Archbishopric(sp?): none of your “The poor and street kids of St Kilda need not fear, as here’s what we’re doing to carry on this vital work.” Priorities don’t seem to take the poor and oppressed into account when there’s turbulent priests to be ridded of..

    Just, out of the blue…

    “It’s the archbishop. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” I didn’t have time to think or call for help.

    Luckily, Judy, the office manager, was present to take notes.

    By the time he left, I was feeling 90 years of age, not 75, the age of statutory senility.

    He gave me two dates for compliance. One was my birthday. He expects a letter of resignation. The other is a month later. He expects me to vacate the premises.

    No good whingeing about lack of courtesy or respect for a senior field officer.

    Power makes some people less restrained than they naturally are. Jesus warned about power, especially among his disciples.

    I hope Bob’s Foundation can carry on: from what I have been able to see, it’s not church-controlled.

    You know, if there were more Bob McGuires and less Denis Harts, Benny Hinns and Jim Wallaces, christianity itself might have a fighting chance of being respected.

    Can you tell the management of most major christian organisations from the Pharisees without a field guide?

    As another little, old, bald guy once put it:

    LATE ADD: It’s apparently about Bob spending money on the poor. Well, that is just so un-Catholic: what was he thinking?

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