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    We are currently in the process of working with local groups to raise a general campaign over getting back our rights on expressing our concepts and ideas regarding religion without prejudice.
    If you don’t believe in The Flying Pink Unicorn, you should be able to tell those that do, that they are irrational.

    There is no basis in evidence for any of the claims of religion that there is a god, and we should not be required to respect the belief of others in faeries, so much so that we have to deal with the influences of this irrationality by giving tax breaks, and influence on political secular decision making.

    Work is currently underway with groups in :

    Australian Capital Territory

    New South Wales

    Northern Territory


    South Australia



    Western Australia

    New Zealand


    If you wish to partake in our programs of review and critique of the Jesus is Life campaign, and the issues it raises, please contact us