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    NERDIAH - Prostate postcard1

    Thanks to reader Nerdiah for another fine submission. As the Big Sell enters Phase II, no doubt telly sets will be proclaiming “Jeebus has cancers”. Darling little cells: what an expression of divine love they turned out to be.

    Still, keep your eyes on the hot chips and birds in pants: Jeebus only gets the good bits, and you can blame the rest on the Bad Fairy.

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    Licensed to feel ill…

    Looks like the fluffy bunny and kitty will have the legally-sanctioned hatred of the church to deal with in Victoria. (Let Sean the Blogonaut tell you about it.)


  • Sundays JesusAAL submitted picture

    Ignoring the starving children, the Jesus All About Life campaign is focusing on cute pictures and claiming jesus gives answers, while really just ignoring them.

    Here’s their Sunday contribution on FaceBook.

    little children

    Maybe they should use ones like this?

    God hates fags .. what a bigot

    Maybe caption this one? (Warning graphic images of dead children from natural disaster) You know, something about how jesus creates tsunamis that kills children then says ‘it’s to teach you to believe in me, so you can go to heaven’. What a bastard. This isn’t a laughing matter, I’d like to see exactly how this jesus is answering this.

    I’ve actually asked on some christian sites about JAAL, and recommended a list of answers that christians really need to answer to gain some credibility, I’ll repost them here :

    If you REALLY want to make a difference, and reach non-christians, you have to face and answer the massive evidence and critiques of your faith with actual ANSWERS. You don’t give any. You just state ‘Jesus is the answer’, with nothing to back it up. There is basically ‘he will make you feel better if you believe’.

    You have to :

    1/ Show logic and reason behind the existence of a supernatural entity other than pointing continually at your bible and using it’s phrases to point out positions that most all humans find totally obvious regardless as we are evolutionary socialistic beings.

    2/ Show how your god is the one true god, amongst hundreds of others, and thousands that have gone before you.

    3/ Show us the evidence of the claims for a young earth, and the ‘fact’ of creation that you claim is an alternative Theory (and look up how a scientific theory actually works) to the evolution of humans from a common ancestor to other life. Actually read up on what evolution actually is, that it is seperate from abiogenesis and cosmology, and approach the facts, not the straw man you put forward

    4/ Stop trying to point at non-belief, and saying it is a belief (like not stamp collecting is a ‘hobby’) as it does not make sense to anyone but you.

    5/ Explain why we have mountains of evidence that contradict the creationists claims, why the mass of evidence in radioactivity, tree rings, ice cores, corals, supernovas – from astronomy, biology, physics, geology, chemistry and archeology all combine and go against your faiths concepts.

    6/ explain why your god has always existed, and the universe in some form, couldn’t. (you may want to actually read up on scientific concepts like singularities and bubble universes etc etc)

    somehow I am pretty sure none of this will be answered, they’ll just keep on keeping on commoditising their jesus.

    So what’s the answer? praying to Jesus? Or actually getting off your knees and doing something?

    do something about it, praying is useless

  • Scrapings from the comment bin


    Golly, it must be one of those Jungian synchronicity things… I was preparing a visual response (above) to one of the many comments that just don’t make it, and a colleague was replying by mail to the same member of Generation SuperficialBook™.

    Here’s what he had to say:

    I guess another mod deleted your comment to save you from looking like an idiot for not actually reading content on the pages posts, but just looking at pictures, then judging us on that.

    What drives me personally, is that christians continually force themselves to have more rights than others. They also fight basic concepts of science, where humanity has to deal with people who believe bronze age concepts of the earth, and push it into our schools. Religion has a status above and beyond any secular group doing the same thing. Our children are brought up in a world where your bigotry is continually being reinforced as moralistic.

    YOUR religion pushes itself and tries to tell OTHERS what to do. You invade our laws and try and tell women what they can do with their bodies, their lives, you say who people can love and show commitment to, you actively stop secular parents from being able to have their children taught ANYTHING while your kids get brainwashed by scripture. You hypocrite.

    Have a read of some of these articles, then come back and post something that doesn’t make you look like an uneducated bigot :) cheers!

    Thanks to my colleague Gee Suss.

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    Real estate, motorcycles, flash cars, Lear jets: use of the church’s this or that (even the this or that which was especially purchased for your use). The anointing greases the palm.

    God wants you to have more money. (Actually, Bob McGuire can keep the poor people as long as the archbishop gets the Money!)

    It’s a great lurk. The blokes in Acts, who used to serve in distributing to the needy, have been replaced by those who are ready to see their own wants as “needs”, and see to them pretty swiftly.

    Government slaves to work on your house? No problem!

    And if you’re the shepherd, who gets to say how you spend the wool-cheque, or tell you off for taking a ewe or little lamb to keep you warm at night?

    No wonder the campaign points away from the churches, while trying to get people to connect with those churches. You’d be mad to point out the truth.

  • Religious bigotry in Victoria being made legal

    THE Victorian government is expected to announce today that religious groups will be allowed to discriminate against gays and single mothers in a controversial compromise reached on workers’ rights.

    Poor Christians!

    Poor Christians!

    Would these religious groups think it fair that it was enshrined in law, that one was able to discriminate against those with faith, based on the fact it undermines lack of belief?

    I think not!

    This is just plain bigotry.

  • Postcards from our friends: 001

    Thanks to our friends who contribute postcards and comments: here’s the first few in an ongoing series.

    We promise they won’t jump all over your screen or choke the household bandwidth like the other guys. (Also, contains no hot chips!)





    More to come, and a big welcome to Gee Suss’s brother Mo Suss, who’s joing the Legion editorial cadre.

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  • Religion wants to maintain a monopoly on ethics in Australia

    Religious groups have traditionally found their power in maintaining that only through belief, and usually THEIR belief, are morals maintained.

    The State Government’s religious education advisory panel is going to fight a pilot program that offers ethics classes to primary school students who have opted out of scripture classes.

    We know whats best for your children

    We know whats best for your children

    They are fighting against critical thinking. It’s dangerous to religion as they want people to believe that only their particular god defines what is moral. Bigots.

    Are they saying, that without their belief in their god, they would run around raping and pillaging, murdering and abusing? How interesting. Morals and ethics can completely be explained with science, and are not the total domain of religion. Evolutionary biology and sociobiology. I find it degrading that religion passes this basic fundamental humanistic quality off to their god. Recently, the concepts of ethical evolution has become a major area of study in scientific circles, due to the overwhelming observable evidence.




    The only controversy over it comes from the religious. But then again, it happens to everything that does not fit their world view.

    Our morals came about from the fact we are a social animal, we have highly advanced social morals that are very well explained by science.

    Indeed Darwin brought it up in Descent Of Man, it’s nothing new :

    “any animal whatever, endowed with well-marked social instincts, the parental and filial affections being here included, would inevitably acquire a moral sense or conscience, as soon as its intellectual powers had become as well, or nearly as well developed, as in man.” (ch. 4)

    Blatant assumptions of the total nature of everything being attributed to a god is degrading to the sheer enormity and brilliance of life. Always the ‘magic man’ did it for them.

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  • Oh the irony of the Jesus All about Life Campaign

    I think I will let the message itself speak, as it does so in volumes :)

    “Thankyou for not judging me or who I chose to spend my life with”

    (click image for full size)

    Jesus All About Life

  • Jesus. All About Life bus shelters campaign posters download

    Pretty deep this JAAL campaign

    Pretty deep this JAAL campaign

    I mean really. Big chairs?

    You can check out the downloadable files here if you really want to be dissapointed like me.

    The piece is by the Italian sculptor Giancarlo Neri and is about ‘writers block’, which is an affliction in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. It’s basically like this concept of god and the bible, I guess this god suffers pretty badly as there’s not been any new material for a loooong time.

    Why don’t they thank the work and insight of Giancarlo? I mean credit to the creator of the piece where credit is due .. Jesus?  Thank Jesus, not the actual designer? huh? Did this bloke have the choice whether to make it or not?

    Can you do something that god did not predict, is that it? If you can, then god is not omniscient. If you can’t, then there is no choice, you are doing exactly what god predicted before choosing to create just like a machine. Yea sure, to you it may seem like free will from the little perspective you have of everything, but to an omniscient god, you are doing exactly what was predicted, when the whole of creation was set in motion. You cannot deviate from that. ie: fated. You can’t have ‘choice’ and free will if you can’t act differently from what was known fully before you were even existed and set in motion to play out it’s part with an already defined end. Let alone that that being created these ‘souls’ to burn in eternal torment for eternity. Sounds like one hell of an evil twisted kind of supreme being to me.

    I thought there would be something that would make a bit more sense in these posters, or at least attempted too. Pretty much any kid I know, let alone adult would think it pretty lame. “Thankyou Jesus for birds that look like they’re wearing pants”?

    “Thankyou jesus for my priviledge of being born into a rich country where we can afford to put lame arse posters up while innocent kids starve in another to ‘teach me something'”. yea makes sense, not.

    I know this post is a bit of a lame approach to critique, but what kind of substance is their to critique?? .. is it just me or is a lot of money being spent on some pretty out of touch attempts to raise awareness of their literary creation? Is this the best they can do with raising awareness of their faith? I don’t get it.