Critical Review and parody site of the Jesus All About Life campaign
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  • Hello Thinkers!

    Welcome to Jesus All about Life Lies.

    We are not alone in recognising the pyramid scheme that is the business of Jesus, and as part of the large percentage of Australians that do not have a faith in a god, have created this site with the sole reason of giving critical review to the ongoing campaigns of religious organisations actively spreading the ideas of religion under the veil of fact.

    We will be bringing relevant information, critical review of Jesus All About Life campaigns, as well as parody to allow reason to also have a say when it comes to concepts that effect all of us as humans on this earth, and not just the overwhelming display of religious bigotry that has people of reason unable to voice any ideas opposite to that of religion, giving it rights above and beyond any other.

    From religious organisations using tax free status to promote business oportunities in their flock, to reason based arguments and discussions on whether Jesus and god even exist, we will attempt to bring as much reason to the discussion, along with balance to the one sided discussions and advertising religious groups are allowed to make, whilst those of reason are forced to be silent.

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